Beneficial Reuse

Focusing on the future use of produced water for beneficial reuse, Aris Water Solutions is actively evaluating opportunities for beneficial uses of produced water including:

  • Irrigation for Non-Food Agriculture
  • Restoration of rangeland grasses for carbon sequestration and carbon credits
  • Mineral recovery including caustic, HCL, bromine, lithium and other rare earth metals

Current indicative projects underway that we are leading or providing primary support:

  • 2021 Department of Energy Project, ~$4,000,000 funding of an optimization framework for produced water management and beneficial reuse
  • 2021 Texas A&M University Pilot underway using Aris Water Solutions treated produced water to evaluate irrigation to grow cotton, building off the 2016 Texas A&M University feasibility study using blended produced water to grow cotton
  • Process Water for Direct Air Capture