Responsibly Building Permanent Infrastructure

Aris Water Solutions is a leading developer and operator of critical water infrastructure assets in the Midland and Delaware Basins. Our growing infrastructure footprint allows us to aggregate large volumes of produced water from multiple operators to reliably and responsibly treat and redeliver recycled volumes back to our customers. We safely dispose of produced water that is not recycled in saltwater disposal wells.

Our Best Practices

  • Ensure construction of robust, high-quality systems through front end engineering and design process
  • Use highest industry standard materials and components
  • Identify opportunities to upgrade assets, effectively manage hydraulics and increase system utilization
  • Minimize surface piping
  • Integrate all systems into our SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) platform
  • Implement FIIX and regular preventative maintenance programs


Avoiding Emissions

In addition, every barrel of produced or recycled water we transport using our Aris Water Solutions pipeline network removes produced and fresh water-hauling trucks from congested roads and eliminates their associated greenhouse gas emissions. In this way, Aris Water Solutions is making a major contribution to solving one of the biggest safety and environmental concerns of our communities and customers across the Permian Basin.